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Joey Don Mills Review

Joey Don Mills
Shops at Don Mills
15 O’Neill Road - 1090 Don Mills Road
Toronto, ON
(416) 445-6391

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Food: 8/10
Service: 5/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Located in the heart of Shops at Don Mills, Joey is a restaurant to definitely consider amongst the very impressive line-up located within the shopping complex. A lot of hype has surrounded Joey recently, especially with the recent opening of the newest Toronto location at Eaton’s Center. The menus are slightly different from what I’ve heard, so I may need to visit the other location before I can comment on the chain as a whole.

During my visit, it was a beautiful day out so we opted for the rooftop patio. The patio at Joey’s is really something else. It looks great, the environment is wonderful, and the booths are super comfortable. On a nice sunny day, make sure you ask for patio seating and I am certain you will enjoy your meal that much more.

The food was delicious and the prices were reasonable, but the service was lackluster. I was very disappointed, however the poor rating can only be attributed to our particular server and should/may not reflect upon the restaurant as a whole. She was very inattentive and besides pestering us for orders within 1 minute of sitting down, she basically disappeared. It was hard to get a hold of her, despite a half empty patio. She did not give us any cutlery or napkins until the appetizers arrived and we still had to ask her.

Bellini (1.25oz Tuesday Drink Special).

Killer Ahi Tuna Tacos. Seared rare with sesame ginger coleslaw and wasabi-lime aioli. We started off with these and enjoyed them very much. The tacos were crispy and bursting with flavour. The tuna was seared nicely and paired well with the homemade coleslaw. Adding a dab of the wasabi-lime aioli perfected the dish and gave it that unnecessary, but welcomed kick.

9oz CAB Top Sirloin. Signature steak spice, crispy mashed potatoes and seasoned vegetables. The steak was heavily seasoned, giving it a very strong flavour. It was grilled evenly and cooked to my liking. Not a steakhouse so you shouldn’t go into Joey’s expecting the best steak ever, but it was nicely done nonetheless. The crispy mashed potatoes were interesting, essentially a spring roll with mashed potatoes on the inside. It was topped with sour cream and cheese, which was very good. The seasoned vegetables were cooked properly, very tender and juicy, which helped with the meat because there was no sauce.

Maple Salmon. With a maple butter sauce, served with crispy mashed potatoes and seasoned vegetables. They should make this a signature dish because it was honestly one of the best salmon dishes I’ve ever had. Definitely do not need to go out to a fancy restaurant to enjoy salmon because Joey does it right. The skin on the outside was grilled beautifully as you can see from the charred markings, making it very crispy. The inside was moist and the maple butter sauce was to die for. Maple goes so well with fish and meats and this dish was no exception.

Overall, aside from the poor service from our particular server, I had a very enjoyable meal at Joey Don Mills. The food lives up to the hype and is prepared very well. There is a good balance of flavours and the menu is diverse enough to cater to dinner parties, dates, etc. I strongly recommend the tuna tacos and the salmon and will most likely return to give some of the other interesting dishes a try, such as the lobster grilled cheese, which I’ve heard good things about.

If you do decide to go to Joey Don Mills, be sure to pick a nice sunny day and sit on the rooftop patio. You won’t regret it.

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